Aviation Field

Aviation Equipment

DAIICHI JITSUGYO (AMERICA), INC. (DJA) is a leading trading company for ground support equipment (GSE) for airports and airport-related equipment, including towing tractors, air start units, snow sweepers, ground support equipment and hydrant equipment.

Deicer for Aircraft
Airport Fire Engine
Aircraft ground support equipment
Aircraft ground support equipment
Tripod for airport

Together with our parent company, DAIICHI JITSUGYO CO., LTD. (DJK), we offer complete after-sales service from expert engineers and a local inventory of components and parts to meet your needs.

Products offered from the U.S. to Japan include

  • Towing Tractors
  • Fire Extinguishing Vehicles
  • Airport Safety Equipment
  • Air Start Units
  • Snow Sweepers
  • Road Sweepers
  • Tri-Pod Jacks
  • Hydrant Pits
  • Hydrant Valves
  • Other Airport Ground Support Equipment